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Introduction Of Online Submission Of Industrial Details In Nepal


Kathmandu, August 7, 2018: An online mechanism has been introduced in the industrial world in Nepal where an online submission of the industrial details can be done by industries.

Department of Industry initiated the idea of online submission as per the conclusion from the discussion with the service recipients. According to Durga Prasad Bhusal, Spokesperson from the department, the online submission of details will be accessible to the Central Bureau of Statistics as while submission the annual turnover, profit and loss should also be updated in the stipulated formats. The statistics will be a great help as a chart will be easier to project and then form the future strategy on industry front.

The Industrial Business Act-2073 BS will be amended to make a provision to make an obligation to make registration of online submission of the industries and their annual transactions. This provision will be urging industries and concern users for application of the new system. Otherwise, the department will penalize the industry for not abiding by the new provision.