ISBN, an attraction for Nepali writers, publishers  

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ISBN, an attraction for Nepali writers, publishers

Kathmandu, 23 December,2014 : The number of Nepali writers and publishers taking the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) has been gradually increasing.

Acquiring an ISBN, the means of gaining global recognition for any book, has been an attraction for Nepali writers and publishers.


The Tribhuvan University (TU) central library is the sole agency for distributing ISBN in Nepal and so far it has allocated this recognition to thirty-six thousand books since 2001. In the first year of starting this service, the central library distributed the ISBN to 946 books and until 2014, this number is counted on thousands, Library ISBN section employee Kamal Kayastha said.


Of late, the section is facing an immense pressure of writers and publishers applying for the ISBN. The culture of ISBN, a

ISBN, an attraction for Nepali writers, publishers
ISBN, an attraction for Nepali writers, publishers

means of getting international recognition for any creation, first started from Germany in 1968. David Whitakar, a Briton and US RR Bowker are credited for introducing the trend. Although, Germany was the first country to start the ISBN system, now its head office is in London.


Nepal is the 253rd country having association with the ISBN.   The TU central library launched the distribution of ISBN in the presence of the then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala.


The title of the book, its writer, publisher, numbers of pages, and price are recorded while distributing the ISBN. Until the year 2007, the number used to be allocated in 10 digits, but since 2007, this is allocated 13 digits.  The library charges Rs 300 per book to allocate the ISBN.


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