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Jaywalkers to be slapped fines from May 15


Kathmandu, April 28, 2017: The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division is to tighten the noose against the jaywalkers as it is gearing up to introduce a new regulation to reduce road accidents.

Accordingly, MTPD will take action against the jaywalkers in the Kathmandu Valley, which includes a fine of Rs 500.

The regulation will come into effect from May 15 under which vehicles not stopping in the zebra crossing will also be booked.

Speaking at an awareness campaign launched by the Division to minimize the road accidents, Acting Police Commissioner DIG Bom Bahadur Bhandari argued that the road accidents would significantly come down if both the pedestrians and the drivers observe caution in zebra crossings.

Similarly, Pranam Bhandari opined that the road accidents take place due to the stray animals on the road.

Likewise, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)’s executive officer Ishwor Raj Poudel shared that the KMC has banned vehicles from blowing horns since April 14 and has started sprinkling water to minimize dust pollution during the nights.

Division Chief Mingmar Lama said that many of the road accidents were related to motorcycle and scooters.

The awareness drive is launched at 26 different places across the Valley through community centers, according to Lama.

Source: RSS