Kangana Ranaut does not enjoy receiving awards

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Kangana Ranaut does not enjoy receiving awards

23 November,2014: As the year comes to an end, the buzz has already started on the award functions that celebrate the best films and performances of 2014. While most of the industry would looks forward to awards that celebrate all the hard work the stars has put in over the year, Kangana Ranaut, the dark horse of the industry, who represents all that is eccentric and unconventional, begs to differ.

The actress, who doesn’t believe in the concept of awards, has over 22 trophies lying in her house. However, she is in no rush to receive anymore as it’s something she has never believed in as a person and has never been in the rat-race with her contemporaries.

Reveals a source close to the actress, “Fortunately or unfortunately, Kangana doesn’t enjoy receiving awards. She has over 22 awards in her house and doesn’t know what to do with them. She is ok to attend these awards to lend her support to the industry but doesn’t want to take away the opportunity of getting an award from someone else who might enjoy or value it. She prefers letting her work speak for itself and doesn’t need a trophy to justify it.”

Source:The Times of India



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