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Kantipur Hissan Education fair successfully concluded


Kathmandu, May 27, 2018: Started from May 24 for four consecutive days, Kantipur Hissan Education fair was successfully drawn to a close in Bhrikutimandap today. With attendants scaled to thousands, more than 150 stalls counselled the SEE scholars for their future streams.

The favorable result of Kantipur Hissan Education Fair in the capital has actuated the secondary level graduated scholars in the right decision for higher education from selection of institutes to selection of streams on the basis of their budget and interest as well.

With more than 150 stalls of colleges, SEE scholars are provided guidance and are counselled by the fellow counselors to overcome the precarious decisions that are likely to come while choosing the right colleges and the right streams. The fair blended the stalls in the same roof making it easier for visitors to collate colleges according to their academic merits, budget and their interest.

Following the slogan, “Excellent Education within Nepal”; the fair welcomed thousands of students and thousands of applications were filled in a day. Both elite colleges and small colleges were successful to counsel about their brits and bobs information for the pedant students with diversifying the streams that the students are interested on.

The fair provided an exemplary place where students could discuss about the abode of the college premises, tuition fees, merit and need-based scholarships and also the extra-curricular activities that the colleges conduct every year.

With days passed, the views of visitors are often inspiring for conducting such convention every year with only goal to guide fellow students for right decision in their college selection. In a retrospect, the festival was a massive triumph for the organizer and also a great experience for agog pupils.