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Kathmandu School of Law awares youths about issues and prospects of development in Nepal


Nepal’s Dream: Search for a worthy paradigm of Development

Bhaktapur, August 8, 2017: Kathmandu School of Law (KSL) on August 5, Sunday, organized a one-day seminar titled ‘Nepal’s Dream: Search for a worthy paradigm of Development’ among a mass of youths. The main objective of the seminar was to make people aware of the issues and prospect of development of Nepal. The program was delivered through papers presentation, debates and discussion sessions.

Nepal is rich but Nepalese are not because of gap between upper-level and bottom-line people

Through a paper presentation, Dr. Yubaraj Sangroula, Faculty Member of KSL, pointed that, “Physical integrity, Self-respect, Freedom of choice, Information availability and economic enterprises are the necessary elements for the development of economy”. “Nepal is rich but Nepalese are not rich due to the gap between upper-level people and bottom-line people. Individual Nepalese can be rich only if we have a mass productivity of creativity,” he shared. “Domestic based industrialization should be implemented because it provides employment opportunity which directly or indirectly increases local economy. Hence, individual income is uplifted,” he added.

Importance and prospects of utilization of natural resources

Similarly, Dr. Krishna Prasad Oli, visiting professor at Sichuan University in China, showed different data on the currently available natural resources in Nepal and the importance and prospects of utilization of the resources. “A proper plan must be made with an eagle eye and then only should specific sectors be focused for development,” he expressed.

Health facility available only for those who have capacity to purchase

Likewise, Dr. Sharad Onta, assistant dean for academics at Institute of Medicine (IoM), Maharajgunj, presented a paper on ‘Healthy Population Makes Healthy Nation: Health Policies and programs to maintain Equity among People’.

“The aim of Health sector is saving lives from premature death and disability. People used to die due to lack of technology but still we can find people dying of diseases even when we have 99.9% diagnosis method and prevention technique. It is all due to the dominance of market in health. The service is considered as commodity whereas people as consumer. The health facility is available only for those who have the capacity to purchase. The justifiable equitable health system is possible only if we break the myth. Myth: State cannot bear the cost of health. Financial contribution to the system should be based on ability of citizen to pay for the services,” expressed Dr. Onta.

Meanwhile, Hari Prasad Chand, an expert in International Relations, presented paper presentation on ‘Proper Connectivity by Road and other Facilities,’ and shared that mass productivity of creativity can be done by Production Bridget Concept. “There should be linkage between core city and advance city. Development should be holistic. Infrastructure should be based on Population, Territory, Government and Military,” he added.

Similarly, Rabiraj Thapa (retired AIGP), Kundan Raj Sharma, Gaurav Bhaittrai and Bijay Jaswal also presented papers on various concerning topics.

As many as 100 participants from diverse backgrounds including high-school students, academicians, advocates, engineering professionals, and medical professionals among others attended the program.

“It was quite amazing to hear the discussion on ideas and bringing up the formulas to solve the issues. My day went productive by attending the seminar and I enjoyed it quite a lot,” shared one of the participants of the program.

By Batsala Rajdhami