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Legislature-Parliament meeting postpones for half an hour

Legislature-Parliament meeting postpones for half an hour
Legislature-Parliament meeting postpones for half an hour

Kathmandu,31 October 2014: Today’s meeting of the Legislature-Parliament has been postponed for half an hour after lawmakers of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP)-Nepal objected over the statement of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Bamdev Gautam, regarding removing religious leaders, who have been staging a relay hunger strike, from Shantibatika, Ratnapark, in view of the upcoming SAARC Summit,

A team comprising religious leader Shreeniwas Acharya, has been staging the relay hunger strike at Shantibatika from April 21.During the meeting, DPM Gautam said that although the Kathmandu Metropolitan City urged the team to vacate the area for making the city systematic during the SAARC Summit, the team has been neglecting the KMC’s call.

The RPP Nepal lawmakers left their seats and proceeded towards the rostrum in protest after Deputy Prime Minister and Home

Minister Gautam, in his statement to the parliament, said that the protestors ‘showed the real form of Mahadev’, brandishing axes and khukuris, when the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, with the help of the police, tried to shift the statue of Gorakhnath installed there and a calf that they had tethered at the relay-hunger strike site to one side, as the statue, a Kalash with a capacity of holding 200 litres water for the construction of a temple at the site and the daily sermons that the protestors had been holding at the site were obstructing the road traffic.

DPM Gautam said that the protesters refused to vacate the site in defiance of the KMC’s requests over megaphone for the same for seven days.

Speaker Nembang adjourned the meeting as the CA members obstructing the house continued to do so overlooking the repeated request from Speaker who also requested them to voice their respective opinions if they disagree with what Home Minister Bamdev Gautam said.

Prior to this, the chairman of the RPP-Nepal Kamal Thapa, at the meeting, blamed the government for not making any solid commitment to promulgate the constitution in the slated time.

Thapa also condemned the atrocity of the government on the religious leaders peacefully participating in the relay hunger strike.

Chairman Thapa has also warned of obstructing the House if the government does not ensure that the people protesting peacefully would not be arrested and  that the holy  scriptures, including the Bhagawat Gita, among others would not be destroyed.

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