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Local teachers donate to Pun’s NIC


Beni (Myagdi), November 30, 2016: Local school teachers have come to the help of social crusader Mahabir Pun who has recently established a National Innovation Centre (NIC).

A total of 92 teachers and employees of the total 10 schools under the Adarsha Secondary School Rima Resource Centre have announced to donate the amount tantamount to their five day’s salary each for the cause, said Kumar Garbuja, head teacher of Adharsha Secondary School at Rima.

“Information and technology has been expanded to various schools under the resource centre on the initiatives of Pun. So we are committed to providing more donations to the NIC in the days to come,” he said.

An 11- member committee has also been formed under the leadership of resource person Bharat Kumar Pun to make the donation collection campaign effective to run the NIC smoothly.

“Teachers from other schools in the district have wished to donate to the NIC,” Pun said. Winner of the Magsaysay prize, researcher Pun had earlier announced to reach out to the people for financial aid to set up and run the NIC after getting only assurance from the government in this regard.

Source: RSS