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Workshop discusses on promoting Girls’ Education in Kapilvastu


Kathmandu, November 30, 2016: Students, teachers and stakeholders from Kapilvastu recently participated in a two-day workshop on promoting girls´ education.

Aimed at exploring instances of good practices at schools and communities, the workshop served as a platform to discuss the emerging challenges and ongoing scenario of educating girls in Kapilvastu.

The workshop saw presentations and discussions on constitutional and legal provisions in empowering girls’ education in Nepal; classroom leadership of girls; Sustainable Development Goal number 4 and intergenerational-dialogue. In the workshop, group exercises were developed to support adolescent girls both in and out of school to maximize their learning achievements.

The workshop also discussed issues of Muslim girls. Participants also talked about the gap between Madrasa Education system and formal education of the Government of Nepal, and how cooperation from the government is needed to bring reforms in Madrasa.

Parents of girl-students participating in the workshop remarked that “Dowry system is still very prevalent in their society. For this reason they are compelled to practice the child marriage as they have to pay less when their daughters are young.”

The programme also had different sets of questionnaires for girl-students, teachers, parents and stakeholders to assess their own response and understanding towards the reforms required in the promotion of girls’ education.

The program concluded with commitment signed by all participants to support the girls in their families and communities to bring a positive change and reform in their education.