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Model Provincial Assembly: Engaging Nepali Youths in Understanding Federalism


Kathmandu, March 25, 2019: Nepal recently underwent a massive restructuring of power by adopting Federalism from the previous Unitary System of Governance. The latest Constitution of Nepal 2015 provides for three layers of Federalism in Nepal – Federal, Provincial and Local Level. This particular time period is characterized by ambivalence in the structure, power-relations and even inability of the concerned levels to conduct their parliamentary sessions. In this backdrop, the Model Provincial Assembly aims to create a platform for school, college and undergraduate students to understand the procedures of the parliament through training, role-playing of parliamentarians and debates/discussion on relevant issues.

Model Provincial Assembly is the simulation of Provincial assembly (Province No 3) to provide basic ideas on ‘how the provincial assembly functions’ in an interactive and informative manner. From understanding the fundamentals of federalism to the decision/policy making process, the participants will be acquainted with the proceedings of the provincial assembly. The participants will role-play as the member of provincial assembly by representing certain constituencies, minority groups and experts. The best applicants will be selected as elected members from constituencies as well as through nominations as per the legal provision of the provincial assembly.

Program aims to:


  • Provide platform for youths to experience policy-making, social dialogues and debates
  • Help students build strategic communication skills, public speaking skills, problem solving skills through dialogues and discussions
  • Facilitate meaningful connections among the youths and stakeholders (members of parliament, policy makers, policy analysts)
  • Integrate this program in the extracurricular activities of schools/colleges


Program: Outline


  • Conduct preparatory workshop on the structure and  functions of the provincial assembly
  • Conduct mock sessions
  • Select the best performing participants and organize a model provincial assembly
  • Award the best performing participants
  • Publish articles about the proceedings and the role of youths in the provincial assembly
  • Facilitate the participants to share the learning at their colleges and among other students

The workshop is the initiation of the members of the US Embassy Youth Council(USYC) 2019.

The registration can be made from the link below.