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24 September, 2015: Denims are best friend of people. Denims are personal which is why they make any sort of dressing an easy task. Denims can be matched up with almost anything and everything. We have list down some denim trends that have re-emerged:

Denim Tencel: A key fibre for premium denim, particularly for women wear is used to create luxuriously soft, glossy fabrics with superior drapes that lend themselves to over-sized fashion shapes as well as classic items.

Premium Knitted Denim: Heavier-weight knitted denim fabrics for more contemporary, washed out effects towards more classy performance.

Performance Denims: Soft handle denim; an area of development as fabrics are becoming increasingly soft and refined.

Quilting on denim: Quilting is not new to denim, however nowadays micro-diamond patterns are creating an interesting effect on the technique.

Cutouts: Cutouts are a modern that take on rough style. Experiment with deconstructed seam details, knee-ripped jeans are a staple of grunge fashion back.


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