National govt. can be formed to promulgate new constitution on set time: Minister Rijal

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National govt. can be formed to promulgate new constitution on set time: Minister Rijal

Kathmandu,3 Dec 2014: Minister for Information and Communications, Dr Minendra Rijal, has said that a national government comprising major political parties could be formed to promulgate the new constitution on the slated time.

At an interaction organised by the Reporters’ Club here today, Minister Rijal said, “We are ready to form a new government comprising all political parties in condition of promulgating the new constitution on the time declared by the Constituent Assembly (CA) calendar.”

Recalling that they made promise among people for bringing the new constitution within a year  during CA election, he  stressed that support of all  was necessary for the same and added we should not forget our responsibilities.

The Communications Minister further said that the Nepali Congress and CPN (UML) took initiatives to participate all political parties in the government while forming the collision government and added that the government was ready to make any types of sacrifices to complete the new constitution writing process.

Minister Rijal expressed the view that the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC) Chairman should not obstruct the constitution writing process as various phases should be passed while going in constitution writing process.

Stating that the erstwhile CA was dissolved due to the UCPN (Maoist), he said, “Constitution writing process should not be obstructed, the CPDCC Chairman should not blocked the process in middle.”

Minister Rijal said the NC and CPN (UML) presented the common proposal for the consensus on the disputed issues of the constitution writing, which does not mean of going for two-third process forcefully to promulgate the new constitution.

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