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National Information Commission organizes Information Conference


Kathmandu, April 21, 2017: The National Conference on Right to Information (RTI) organized by National Information Commission (NIC) for upholding and streamlining the enforcement of RTI concluded with a seven-point declaration paper.

The conference ended with a demand for additional ‘dissemination right’ along with right to seek information which is guaranteed in Nepal’s Constitution Article 27. The participants demanded mentioning the word ‘individual’ rather than ‘citizen’ in the article.

The participants also called for formulation of an umbrella law in the backdrop of a division of jurisdiction of Federal Information Commission and Provincial Information Commission.

They have also demanded streamlining the present working procedure related to demand and dissemination of information to make information brief and quick.

NIC’s Chief Commissioner Krishna Hari Banskota said the Commission must be given economic and administrative freedom for its institutional development. The conference has also taken a decision to operate awareness prgorams in all 75 districts for RTI.

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