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Nepal Leadership Conclave 2019, Ended up warning Youths to Become Change.


Kathmandu, January 23, 2019: Leadership Corner, who have been working for the youth development, youth leadership and youth entrepreneurship had  organize a program called Nepal Leadership Conclave 2019, with the partnership of Nagarik Samuha on January 21, 2019 at  Nepal Pragyaprathistan Hall. The program concluded of more than 1200 youth participants. The event was categorized into 2 sessions.

First discussion was about the Present, Past and Future situation of Nepal which was lead by the former CEO of Nabil Bank  Anil Keshary Shah. Including his few inspirational and motivating speech he concluded his words saying youths are the pillar of change for the nation. Nigam Humgain, President of Civil Society and Abdus Miya, Youth leader of Bibeksheel Nepal had Provided Speech on same topic respectively. Showing all the weakness that was presented in history about the nation, nationality and the lack of youth efforts he ended his speech alerting all the youth to be attentive towards their responsibilities to eradicate the problems.

According to the leader of bibeksheel Sajha Party, Abdus Miya, he said if one cannot bring their thought into action then it’s worthless thinking about the change they  want to bring.

In the second discussion, they discussed about the ‘Leadership in Economic Changes’. It included of moderator, Bibushan Bista along with four panelists. They were, Dr. Suriya Raj Acharya, Infrastructure Expert, Dr. Biswo Poudel, Economists, Dr. Sumitra Amatya, Former member at National Planning Comission and Amit Agrawal, Entrepreneur. They discussed about the problems that are making country backward in any areas and the ways to uplift the situation of the country for better purpose.