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Participation of Youths to End School Violence


Kathmandu, January 23, 2019: All the youths from around world have called upon the governments including the government of Nepal at Education World Forum to end violence around and in the schools. Two young 18 years youth activist, Khuthadzo Silima and Jonathan Franca from South Africa and US are representing the children and young people round the world. Briefing about the needs for children to be safe around schools, they are putting an announcement to the government ministers at high level event of London.

According to Silima, “The announcement covers of million voices of children and young people who are being the victim of rape and abuse around the globe.” The message this event wanted to deliver was to the adults who must understand and listen to the problems that are happening in schools and take it seriously.

According to the UNICEF, Nepal is a country where 80 percent of the children are being raped and abused by their teachers and parents.

Through the landmark act of 2018, Nepal has become the first country in South Asia to ban all the violent activities. Although, there are lots of things to improve and make sure places like schools are safe for learning. According to the understanding of Tomo Hozumai, UNICEF representative of Nepal said, “Ending violence in schools requires political will – which the government of Nepal has demonstrated. It also needs to be backed by individual and collective action”.

With the involvement of SIlima and Franca along with other more than 100 children around the world had conducted The #ENDviolence Youth Manifesto. The manifesto calls upon the parents, teachers, guardians, schools, policymakers and communities to take these issues seriously so that they can make clear rules, to establish law restricting weapons, to ensure safety to and from schools, to train teachers and counsellor, to provide secure facilities at school and to teach immediate reaction towards sexual activities.

The motive of #ENDviolence Youth Manifesto is to end violence in and around schools so that it can be a safe place for children to learn.