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Nepal Stock Exchange starts trading online


Kathmandu, November 7, 2018: Nepal Stock Exchange has officially shifted to the online trading system. The online system was inaugurated by the Finance Minister, Yubaraj Khatiwada at 11:00 am, November 6, 2018. He mentioned that this is a milestone for the government as Nepal heads towards e-governance and financial sector up-gradation process. He further added that the government was fully dedicated to attract institutional investors to the stock market and to expand the mutual fund and commodities exchange market to diversify the market.

Nevertheless, stockbrokers have some reservations as to whether the online trading system will be both systematic and reliable.Bharat Ranabhat, chairman of Stock Brokers Association of Nepal said stockbrokers would face problems when making arrangements as the four banks assigned the authority to make settlements were yet to integrate their systems with Nepse’s online system.

Now, share investors will first need to visit share brokers to open a personal account and then they can conduct share trading through an online system by sitting at home, or from office or from anywhere internet facility is available. The brokerage firms will provide accounts to clients through which they will be able to place their sale and purchase order through the use of internet. Nepse has said it will also add some features for margin trading as the securities market regulator has recently issued directives for the same.