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Nepali Youths Interact with Pakistani Global Peace Chain Delegates


Kathmandu, August 18, 2018: Nepali youths interacted with Pakistani Global Peace Chain delegates who visited around the world for the promotion of the peace message. The chain then visited Nepal to interact with the Nepali youths recently.

Nepali youths Ms. Anushka Joshi and Ms. Shail Suman Silwal representing Nepal interacted and conducted various activities with the chain of delegates which included Ms.Tahreem Fatima, Mr. Ahmad Toor, Mr. Imran Zulfiqar, Ms. Mashal Khan, Mr. Nasir Iqbal, Ms. Kashaf Javed.  The interaction highlighted the issues of peace and the utilization of youth empowerment to solve the issues and the perspective of the peace they carry.

The director of Global Peace Chain, Mr. Kamran Zafar stated that the vision, goals and objective of Global Peace Chain and invited Nepalese youth to support them in this noble cause. Stating peace to be the utmost need of the hour, when the world is reeling around extreme conflicts on the basis of caste, color, race, religion, and creed Mr. Muhammad Ahmad, President of the organization mentioned that youths could play instrumental role in promoting harmony, love, compassion, respect, and acceptance among each other.

The participants also shared their commitment to promoting peace in their local communities. The team of Global Peace Chain is also collecting signatures from youths in order to file a petition in the United Nations with the vision that: Violence has nothing to do with Caste, Color, Creed, and Religion.