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Nepathya releases ‘Ghar Ko Kura’ (With Video)


Kathmandu: Nepathya, a popular Nepali folk rock band, has launched their new video ‘Ghar Ko Kura’ on its official YouTube Channel.  Ghar Ko Kura, a song from their album ‘Ghatana’, written in June 2004, was filmed with iPhone during their 2016 US tour. The video was made public on Tuesday as part of the 25th year activities of the band.

Nepathya’s songs mostly portray contemporary Nepal – its pain at times of war and distress, and yet the ray of hope an artist sees and imagines amidst such crisis.

According to Nepathya, the song ‘Ghar Ko Kura’ was written, composed and presented to share emotions and plight of the nation during the conflict to initiate for peace in the country.

The video has gained much appreciation from the viewers and has already gathered more than 50 thousand views just in one day. The song, Ghar Ko Kura, speaks of an artist who is frustrated to see his fellow countrymen in abroad. Like Nepathya’s other songs of the same album, this song also appeals for reconciliation and peace.

The music is very soothing and the video is presented very well, which features Nepathya’s US tour. It carries a very strong social message, reviving love for the nation.

Watch the video: