Home Entertainment Is A New Secret ‘Beyonce’ Album Coming soon?

Is A New Secret ‘Beyonce’ Album Coming soon?

Is A New secret Beyonce Album Coming?

4 November,2014:  At least this time, it won’t be a surprise.Chatter heated up over the weekend that Beyonce will be dropping another secret album, and Amazon just gave fans even more reason to be hopeful.

According to a product page on Amazon UK, “Beyonce Vol. 2,” a four-disc import, will be released on November 24.

Rumors started after a picture of a track list featuring collaborations with Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj circulated online, but while that may not exactly be credible, it is clear Queen B is planning something.

In December, the superstar shocked and delighted fans with astraight-to-iTunes album that quickly went to the top of the charts.

Whether the November surprise is a new album or an updated reissue of “Beyonce” remains to be seen.



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