Speakers Of One-Day Religious Discourse Seminar Urge For Referendum For Hindu Kingdom

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Speakers Of One-Day Religious Discourse Seminar Urge For Referendum For Hindu Kingdom

Kathmandu,28 March 2015: Various Nepali and Indian participants at a one-day religious discourse here Saturday have suggested for a referendum to address the question whether to reestablish Nepal as a ‘Hindu Kingdom’ or a secular country.

The seminar held on the occasion of Ram Nawami by the World Hindu Federation was themed ”Nepal-Indian relations and Hindutva.

Speaking at the seminar chaired by Dr Ramchandra Adhikari, Chairperson of the Federation, the senior leader of the Indian Political Party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Dr Dinesh Upadhyaya urged the political parties of Nepal to resolve the dispute of reinstatement of Nepal as Hindu Kingdom through referendum.

Citing the relationship between Nepal and India as a relation of ‘Roti (bread) and Beti (daughter), BJP leader Upadhyaya shared that Nepal, unlike India that was reigned by the British for some 800 years, could take pride that it was never colonized by any country.

Leader Upadhyaya was of the opinion that since every citizen were the architect of his country, Nepali people too have responsibility in shouldering to engage themselves in nation-building.

Similarly, the Central Member of BJP, Arun Jain appealed with the Nepalese to brace for dharmayudda (religious war) to re-declare Nepal as a Hindu Kingdom.

Likewise, Rananath Ranabhat, the former Speaker of the Parliament, held the belief that there always had been a strong national unity amongst the Nepalis.

Participants as Swami Chudamani Maharaj, Dr Mitharam Bishwakarma, former lawmakers Subarnama Jwarchan and senior journalist Yubaraj Ghimire pointed out the need to move ahead reforming the various misinterpretations made in the name of religion.




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