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Pesticide use in fruits, vegetables monitored at Valley entry points


Kathmandu, February 22, 2016: A regular monitoring of the use of pesticides in fruits and vegetables entering the Kathmandu valley has been started by the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control and the Directors of Crop Protection.

The monitoring at the four entry points to the Kathmandu Valley – Sanga in the east, Thankot in the west, Pharping in the south and Kakani in the north is being carried out by the two government bodies.

The monitoring program at these four entry points had been started since a week ago by The Department and the Directorate in response to the public complaints that widespread use of pesticides was found in fruits and vegetables imported into the Valley and sold in the local market.

In order to have an effective and stringent monitoring The Ministry of Agriculture Development had prepared an action plan and directed the Directorate.

From the monitoring carried out so far it has not found the level of pesticide used on fruits and vegetables entering Kathmandu Valley and sold in the local markets was to the permissible limit stated the Ministry.
Besides fruits and vegetables, monitoring shall also be carried out of other food items, as per the action plan.



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