Photo and Painting Exhibition to Mark 91st Birthday of Late Kisunji

    Photo and Painting Exhibition to Mark 91st Birthday of Late Kisunji

    Kathmandu, December 23 2014: A photo exhibition featuring the photos of the late Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, a supreme democratic leader, is being held at Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in Kathmandu here today.

    The events ‘Rangharuma Kisunji’ (Kisunji in Colors) and ‘Tasbir ma Kisunji’ (Kisunji in Picture) are jointly organized by NAFA and the Krishna Prasad Bhattarai Foundation to mark his 91st birthday.

    Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, also known as Kisunji, was reminisced through the pictures of Kisunji and paintings done by a group of artists assembled here to take part in a two-day art workshop.

    On the occasion, the Chancellor of NAFA, Ragini Upadhyaya, paid tribute to the late leader, through a painting that portrayed an umbrella, a surahi (goglet) and a tyanka or a tin box; the symbolic expressions of the late leader whose trademark was simplicity.

    Ramesh Shrestha, the coordinator of the event ‘Rangharu ma Kisunji,’ lauding the simplicity of Kisunji said, “Kisun ji did not crave for amassing wealth. Nor did he care for his own well being alone.”

    “He lived by the principle of simple living and high thinking,” added Raju Shrestha, the President of the Krishna Prasad Foundation.

    The photo exhibition carries the pictures taken during the various historic periods of Kisun ji’s time.

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