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Picovico launching premium web application today

Picovico launching premium web application today
Picovico launching premium web application today

Kathmandu, 7 October 2015: Picovico is launching the new premium version of its web application today. It is highly cost effective compared to its competitors. The premium version of Picovico is available at just $6.25 per month with annual subscription or just for $9.49 per month.

The much awaited premium version of Picovico brings in a lot of new features and abilities that include; New and Fast GPU Based Video Rendering Engine that makes videos within seconds. It has and 6 new clean and elite video themes. It has Simplified interface and additional photo import option from Google Photos (previously Facebook and Flickr only, HD videos (up to 720p), API for businesses to focus on mass photo-video production and  others such as: photo upload sizeupto 12 MB, 100 photos per video, 100 slides per video, CTA button, etc.These days people love to see and share videos but making one is still a demanding task. It takes considerable time, effort and expertise and moreover, it is expensive. Picovico aims to solve these problems and bring video making within the comfort of every internet user. It is an online service that makes it easy and quick to create beautiful video from a set of photos, music and text. Making videos with Picovico is effortless and cost effective that helps you to deliver your message clearly – be it for professional use or personal use.

Picovico launching premium web application today
Picovico launching premium web application today

Online photo and video industry is growing exponentially and products that help create content are interesting. Picovico is one of them. Photo-video domain has gained even more popularity after tremendous success of Facebook’s Look back and ThankYou videos. Facebook recently introduced a Video Autoplay feature on timeline and is planning to rollout the video profiles very soon. Mark Zuckerberg even stated that Facebook will be all videos in 5 years. In such scenario, how do you justify your presence and your business? You’ll definitely not overlook to use Picovico.Video is an excellent tool for both individuals and businesses. Video tells a story and Picovico wants to be a tool for people to share their stories and moments. In the same way, video marketing has been an excellent marketing tool for any businesses. Creating a video for your product or service, gives an opportunity to interact with your customers.

Companies from a diversified profile can use Picovico since having a set of quality photos is enough to start. Current and past users of Picovico range from industries like photography, real estate, travel, education, wedding, non-profits, e-commerce, event management, modeling, content marketing and social media marketing. The increasing interest of developers in Picovico api (http://api.picovico.com) is also paving way for powerful integration opportunities in the app development industry.

The market size for photo-video is huge and highly demanding. But, still many companies in Asia and other parts of the world are unknown to the products like Picovico that provide API for bulk video production at cost as low as $1 per video. So, without further ado, get some life to your photos, bring the story together and share a memory beautifully.


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