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Prashanna Shakya: A youth with a story to tell


It’s often confusing when it comes to deciding on what you want to do in life. Most of the time you dwell upon the possibilities of pursuing your interests and passion, but again, you are afraid to take the first step. So, what does it take to know yourself and explore your ways through the journey of making your life purposeful?

Meet Prashanna Shakya, founder and Managing Director of Buzz Nepal, a VJ, a Vlogger (video blogger) and also a student who manifests his life as a journey; a young soul with vigorous energy, a believer with firm goals and vision towards life, a creative being in his own unique way and above all, an example to all the aspiring youths.

Growing up as an introvert child, Prashanna was never really a people’s person, but a loner. Still today, he says, “At the end of the day, as I sit down on my bed, it’s the good music that lifts up my soul.” So, what was it that made him an extraordinary among the ordinary?



It was all about taking his very first step. When he returned from Bangalore after completing his 12th, he had a lot of free time. During that time, he joined one of the organizations as a marketing intern. He shares, “Working as an intern really helped me define the meaning of life. I had friends who worked as media intern and that explained me why I should take up media.” After that, Shakya became part of many other events and also got to work with many experienced and renowned faces of Nepal. This step by step process has been very crucial for him, taking him to be the host of the show The Evening Show at six in Himalaya Television. Also, the best thing about the process was he got to know himself; his potentials that became the ultimate source of sheer happiness and gave him wings to follow his heart and dreams.

He was always interested in Vlogging. Back in 2012, he released his first Vlog. However, he could not continue with that due to other priorities. In the year 2016, he got back to Vlogging as it was more impactful in spreading messages and was a wonderful way to cherish and share beautiful stories and fun memories.

He was always infatuated by stories and loves stories in any forms; art, music, movies, blogs, vlogs or articles. He shares, “I literally love music, filming, media and studies as a source of storytelling and it defines me. I reflect my daily life with the help of these sources.” He usually creates content out of his daily life and films, edits and does everything all by himself. “As Vlogger is basically a one-man army, Vlogging accepts the rawness in the filming or edits at times. So, it is cool just like our life. Sometimes it might turn out perfect and sometimes not,” he added.

Being able to tell your stories is often fascinating and fun, but would require utmost courage and confidence. However, you also need to deal with many other challenges. Prashanna’s story is no different than rest of the others. He says, “There are too many obstacles you come across as a Vlogger. From deciding on the content to choosing the right thumbnail and sleep deprivation and it gives too much stress as you are doing everything on your own.” He adds, “There are financial aspects like investing on a good camera, proper sound capturing gadgets or a PC and the technical aspect of filming, editing and getting the right story. The filming process consumes the entire day and that means you are doing the regular tasks and filming and editing the entire story to find that small chance that would come out as Vlog.”

However, hard work certainly pays off. Prashanna says, “The feeling of looking at your own vlogs and seeing yourself happy is overwhelming. Also, I get to reflect on my life and evaluate how much I am utilizing my day.”

With so much of hard work and dedication Shakya puts into all his works, he aspires all the youth to do the best and be the best. He believes that youths are the future of the country and the next generation are the smart generation. He urges the youth to find their passion and polish it to tap their true potential and for their personal development. He says, “Youths are limitless and can setup new landmark for the country. As the new generation is equipped with knowledge and have access to advanced technology, nothing is impossible for them. For youths to mobilize in our country, they should realize their true potential and invest time and dedication to shape their skills and march accordingly.”


Prashanna shares that his parents have been one of the major sources of inspiration in his life and the right passion and dream he is chasing today is because of his parents’ support and well nurturing. Sharing further about the same, he says, “Love of my beloved parents is what keeps me strong and focused. Without them, I would have been a detached lonely soul, who though could strive for the perfect goals, but wouldn’t have a source of inspiration to get up and keep trying when I fall down.”

He is an example to all the youths who want to follow their dreams and passion. After all, at the end of the day, it is all about being happy and contented with your work.

You can watch all of his Vlogs going to the YouTube channel of Buzz Nepal here.

By Anusha Kadel