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Extensive Elephant Festival to kick off from Dec 13


Bardiya, December 12, 2016: The fourth edition of the Extensive Elephant Festival is taking place at Thakurdwar in Bardiya from December 13 to 14.

The 2-day festival is being jointly organized by Bardiya National Park (BNP) and Poaching and Hunting Control Youth Mobilization Campaign.

The festival being held at Hattisaar of Thakurdwar is expected to draw in domestic as well as foreign tourists. The elephants will also be worshipped with vedic ritualistic offerings, Campaign’s Chairman Hemanta Acharya shared.

The festival will also showcase local Tharu culture, procession, local dances and offer Tharu delicacies for the visitors.

Meanwhile, the tiger population in BNP has increased to 85 as shown by this year’s census. This is expected to further boost the arrival of tourists and visitors to the Elephant Festival and the BNP.

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