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Purano Dunga sets to travel across the nation for Promotion


Kathmandu, November 7, 2016: Nepali movie ‘Purano Dunga’ is about to organize a nationwide promotional campaign.

The film unit is set to interact and take suggestions from the audiences from Jhapa in the East to Pokhara in the west.

The movie is already in fame because of the song ‘Nira Jaile Risaune’. The second song of the movie ‘Majhi’ has been released today amidst a programme.

The movie carries the story of Bhakte, a boatman, who spends his daily life by running a boat. He gets into a dispute with his junior-brother Bataase about sharing the inherited property. The financial problems Bhakte’s family faces after Bataase snatches away the boat is the main story of the movie.

Purano Dunga features Maotse Gurung as Bhakte, Dayahang Rai as Batase, Menaka Pradhan as Manamaya, Priyanka Karki as Chandu. We can also see Buddhi Tamang, Puskar Gurung, DhanBahadur Gurung, Sajan Thapa and Naujan Gurung among others in the movie.

The movie is made under the banner of Cinema Arts and Maotse Gurung Films. Celebrated Nepali movie director Rambabu Gurung has directed the movie. The plot for the movie is written by Rambabu Gurung and Upendra Subba.

Purano Dunga is set to release on November 20.