Home Education Rajarshi Gurukul successfully presented D.M. Larson’s “Beauty is a Beast”

Rajarshi Gurukul successfully presented D.M. Larson’s “Beauty is a Beast”


Kathmandu, February 6, 2019: Rajarshi Gurukul successfully presented D.M. Larson’s “Beauty is a Beast” play on February 2, 2019 at Pragya Pratisthan, Kamaladi. Old country setting and musically rich, this is a part of a play enacted by the RG Drama Productions  with the story of the journey and struggle of a beautiful turned ugly princess’ life after she is cursed by the Fairy Godmother. Nearly 1500 students and parents from 10 different schools watched the play.

Princes ‘Beauty’ who is the most beautiful girl in the entire world who was rewarded as her parent’s good deed as a King and Queen. Due to arrogance and pride she later turns into an evil princess and following the evil nature, the almighty Fairy Godmother  decides to punish her. None of the citizens in her country recognizes her as she is now ugly, unwilling and hideous to look at. Nick who happens to run a orphanage finds her in the mid way of her sorrow and teaches her the kind nature to live with.

It was the first time that RG Drama Production at Rajarshi Gurukul presented the play where the child actor Sedrina Sharma played the protagonist ‘Beauty.’ The play was directed by Tanka Chaulagain who ensured the gist of the script wasn’t compromised and presented efficiently.  “Beauty is a Beast” is a 1996 drama which has been translated in multiple languages and played in different countries. According to the director, the author Larson is excited and surprised seeing his script being universally meaningful around the world.

As part of its ongoing educational outreach initiative, the RG Drama production brought this drama among the audiences. Leon Loo Shrestha, Principal of the School, said “It’s an honor and privilege to perform an universal drama like Beauty is a Beast by our school. Our students have always taken a front step to defining impact on the arts entertainment industries in this country and to acknowledge that achievement, we are celebrating a season dedicated to these great writers and classic plays.”