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WWF Nepal and Nabil Bank Ltd. enter into a landmark partnership to promote Green Enterprises


 Kathmandu, February 6, 2019: In a bid to promote sustainable business practices and green entrepreneurship, Nabil Bank Ltd. and WWF Nepal entered into a maiden landmark five-year partnership today.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Dr. Ghana S. Gurung, Country Representative-WWF Nepal, and Mr. Anil Shah, Chief Executive Officer-Nabil Bank at the WWF Nepal Office in Baluwatar.

The objective of the association is to explore different avenues and work together in driving and influencing sustainable business practices while carrying out awareness of environmental and conservation issues. Additionally, both the parties will work together in identifying and encouraging Green entrepreneurs by providing market linkages and financial assistance as agreed upon in the MoU. Speaking at the event, Mr. Anil Shah, CEO-Nabil Bank said, “Nabil Bank has initiated a Greenovation initiative with an aim to foster and facilitate innovative ideas of Nepali youth towards building sustainable businesses that add value to our environment. We look forward to working with WWF Nepal in identifying and incubating such projects so that they can be implemented in a manner that makes our Nepal a little bit greener, one step at a time.” 

“As an organization focused on conservation, we want our actions to continue building the foundation for a sustainable Nepal and one of the ways we can do so is by fostering such partnerships with the private sector and tapping into green and sustainable solutions,” stated Dr. Ghana S. Gurung, Country Representative of WWF Nepal. This partnership supports WWF Nepal’s Generation Green Campaign that seeks to provide young people with greater engagement opportunities in conservation and sustainable development. The idea is to dovetail the domain knowledge of WWF in maintaining and building sustainable environments in Nepal and Nabil Bank’s capabilities in supporting sustainable initiatives so as to work together to build a Greener Nepal. The MoU formalizes the use of knowledge, resources and networks of both organizations efficiently and effectively to undertake development and environment conservation programs. Furthermore, this association intends to take advantage of the complementary institutional capabilities of the respective organizations in the development and implementation of separate and joint programs.