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Resilience and Positive Youth Development


Pursuit of happiness has been so much of a need of everyone. For this pursuit, everyone of us are living a frenetic life. When it comes to teen-aged youth, it’s their hustle for today that they are preparing the best for tomorrow. And the course of action for this pursuit has lot of jolt on its way. This jolt comes in a form of fear, anxiety, hopelessness and many more.

For the youth, who have a constraint of working dedicatedly to pursue positive aspect of life has to go through lots of changes. Early aged youths who have just started to figure out things in life may get disturbed by such changes. But change is considered to be eternal aspect of life. You go through processes with inevitable changes. This change may confine some of us, perplexed with our vision and aim in life. Results could be devoid from perseverance. Youth may not be able to overrule the challenges; they feel ambiguous and hopeless in life. This will never help such youth to conquer their needs and wants in life. So, what could be the possible resolution to it? The only remedy is building up the inner strength among the youngsters to better cope with potential negative effects in life which is simply to be called as RESILIENCE.

Yes, resilience, to be defined, is the ability or capacity of person to recover quickly from difficulties and toughness in life. It can be considered as being flexible in terms of whatever situations you are thrived into. 

So, why is it important for today’s youth to be resilient ? We, as youth, in the present context, have been brought up in such a way that we fail to survive in the most adverse situations of life. We feel anxious, panicked and develop a fear of the situation instead of strength to fight against it. If we tend to live our lives in such a way then its ultimatum is deviated from our purpose. We get distracted from responsibilities and duties that are to be followed. People tend to catastrophize any situation than it is or was in actual. Being resilient, a person won’t give up in any bad or substandard situations of life. One will know how to deal with real life problems and get things fixed on its own way. Person won’t just sit creeping the situation that has come along their way, rather takes bold and strong actions to cope with it. 

For our youth also, who seem to have lost hope, resilience could be a power to them. They tend to give up things if they fail once; in such cases, resilience will bring inner strength to them. Here, resilience not just mean to fight with the situation but it also teaches you to be flexible with the situation. There is this saying “The oak fought the wind and was broken , the willow bent when it must and survived”. This gives a clarity that it’s not about being strong enough to fight with problems directly, resiliency carries value to be flexible in many adverse situations that will help you to survive strong.

Now many of us may think that the one who has power to subsist in adverse situation, were born with that resiliency. But it’s a myth. Resiliency is not a power firstly and it does not come to any person by birth. It’s not an innate behavior. It’s the action that you learn when you are pushed into such critical situations of life. You get to face them, it’s your own will and determination that will help you to bounce back in life. The stronger you become, the more resilient you are and you can get to learn, grow and prosper beautifully. 

If it’s a learned behavior, ‘how we can develop them’ could be most of our quest to know about. Then first of all, we need to accept the situations that we have been put through. Even if it’s our failure then we need to ask why did we actually fail to ourselves and find the possible loopholes that are deep rooted within us. So, self-reflection with serene mind could help us with that. We also need to master our emotions before they manage us. Emotion is something that takes away the person with its flow. So, one should be equally aware of the emotions that has been regulating in oneself and also know if those emotions have regulated the person or not. Optimistic vision should be developed to see positive aspects even in inferior situations in life. Remember all the previous challenges that you have overcome so gracefully and then build that will power which says “I can”. Build a strong heart and don’t get disheartened if you witness some unexpected situations of life. Just go through every horror experience and keep the growth intact in you.  

We never make an effort to see the small victories in life. We always want that self-imagined bigger successes. But know that, patting yourself even at small achievement will build up a sense of confidence in you. Cherish every single achievement, no matter how big or small it is.

To sum up in conclusion, resiliency is yet to be built in our youth. This trait should be regarded as something of utmost importance, because directly or indirectly they hold a greater responsibilities for tomorrow. And what if the future of today fails to cope out with inferior situations in life. This will lead the country in a different perspective. Youth need to be able to face what comes along their way. They need to be flexible with decisions they make and add value to life being resilient. 

It is therefore, on your hand now, of how you will direct yourselves. Think wisely and act accordingly.

-Madhu Dhakal