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Is there a rift between Bipasha and Harman?


30 October,2014: For a few weeks now, there has been continuous talk of Bipasha Basu and Harman Baweja allegedly having trouble in their personal space. However, in the midst of rumours of a rift, a source claimed to have spotted the couple together recently. Meanwhile, other sources insist that there is trouble in paradise.

When Bipasha left for Kerala earlier this month to shoot Alone, a horror thriller, the couple was still very much involved. In fact, even from her outdoor destination, she was regularly in touch with her boyfriend. But a couple of weeks into the schedule, the scene changed. Rumour mills buzzed on how back home in Mumbai, Harman was pursuing his own love interest. Around the same time, there was talk of Bipasha being a tad too friendly with her co-star, a popular television actor.

None of this would have been taken amiss had either Harman or Bipasha put things in the right perspective. One did try reaching out to both. An insider rebutts the whole Bipasha getting close to her co-star on the sets angle, saying it was nothing more than a strictly professional rapport. It is being suggested that Bips and her co-star actually broke the ice because some intimate scenes had to be canned. And it may have been awkward for the lead actors to do those scenes unless they shared at least basic camaraderie.

Source:The Times of India


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