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In The Shaukeens, Akshay is ready to do anything to bag the National Award


30 October,2014: Akshay Kumar is playing himself in ‘The Shaukeens’, albeit with a difference. In his most special appearance till date, he plays a fictional version of himself, the twist being that he’s an alcoholic. While he’s chosen to take a dig at himself in his reel avatar — perhaps a first for a Bollywood actor — there’s another interesting facet to the character that forms a highlight in the movie produced by Murad Khetani and Ashwin Varde.

Akshay is shown yearning for a National Award, which is unlike him as he’s known to take potshots at film awards in real life. Director Abhishek Sharma reveals, “In the film, Akshay desperately wants to win the National Award. There is this huge conflict between him and his business manager (Cyrus Broacha), who wants him to break box-office records instead. But Akshay is ready to do anything to bag the most respected award in the country.”

The director adds that the ways and means the superstar uses to achieve his goal make a crucial track in the storyline. “In the middle of all this mad conflict are a greedy secretary, an eccentric director and a commercial filmmaker — all driving Akshay crazy, who’s wasted anyway. It is madness like never seen before,” says Abhishek.

Source:The Times of India


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