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Result of Grade 11 has been Published


Bhaktapur, October 7, 2018: The results of Grade 11 has been published yesterday. The National Examinations Board announced the result releasing a press statement.

There were a total of 548,445 students, 49,505 students had taken the examination in the grading system. According to the Board, 1,145 students got Grade A+ with GPA 3.65 to 4 and 8,949 students got Grade A with GPA 3 to 3.6 while 24,115 students got Grade B+. Meanwhile, 48,731 students got Grade B with GPA 2.41 to 2.80 and 86,770 students got Grade C+. The largest number of student i.e. 92,000 received Grade C with GPA 1.61 to 2. There were 41,406 students securing Grade D+ who made through Grade 11. Similarly, 8,127 students got Grade D and 20.685 students got Grade E.

According to the statement, 38.41 per cent of students who took the partial examinations passed Grade 11. There are 131 students with withheld results in regular.