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My load shedding separated group is Number 3.

I need to wake up at 4 am on Sunday, because the power goes off at 5 and i have to check out the e-papers. After I return back from college, I need to cook my dinner and then I have to take a nap till it is 8.30 because power comes at that specific time. For Tuesday, I can sleep till 8, because there will be electricity after 9 and I can check it then. I am usually late to my class this day, but I need to make my dinner as soon as possible in the evening because the power goes off at 6 in the evening, means I need not to take nap this day and I have to sleep by 8. Friday happens to be the best day for me, not because it is Good Friday, but the power goes off at 11 and then comes back at 5, means at the time when I am not at my room at all. There is again different story for Saturday. I can sleep as long as I want, because there will be electricity supply only after 11, and I can stay online or watch movies then. But, I need to complete my cooking task before 6, because the power goes off at 6.

This is how my week passes, and I am totally amazed to realize that my entire schedule is in the hand of Nepal Electricity Authority.

They design my schedule after all, they fix the time for me to wake up, and they are the one who allot my time for sleeping. They determine my rush, and they are the one to fix my daily activities.

There was the time, when there used to be no electricity as well, but once you get habituated to it, it becomes really hard to get out of it, call it addiction.It becomes a way of life when your work gets influenced by electronic gadgets.

I have now started raising the question to myself,
Where is my personal schedule?

Every time, I sit down to design my studying schedule, I first need to check out the load shedding routine and only then I can fix it. Every time, if I have to promise to copy some file into pendrive for friends, I first need to check load shedding schedule.

Without even feeling it, our lives are gradually moving within the hand of modern technologies. We wait for electricity to come to eat an apple from the fridge, we separate the time for rest and work on the basis of this schedule. Now, how long are we going to move as per this NEA’s routine in this democratic country?
Load shedding is unlikely to be removed that fast, does this mean that our entire life frame work will be within the hand of Electricity Authority?

Written by :Dwaipayan Regmi

Regmi is a freelance writer, who has been contributing to various National and International platforms. He blogs at dwaipon.blogspot.com.


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