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Scope of Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS) in Nepal


Mountaineering in Nepal is an alluring recreation that is receiving rapid global attention. However, due to the lack of intense comprehension and adequate amount of skilled population, the full exploration of this scope is yet to discover. Nepal Mountain Academy (NMA) is the first and only college in the nation that is established with the motive to produce the skillful and capable human resources in the field of mountain and adventure tourism. The academy is the pioneer of introducing BMS as a course in the whole world.

Course concept

BMS is specially designed for the youths who want to learn professional, vocational and entrepreneurial skills in mountain related activities. It is a four-years Bachelors Program (8 semesters), Affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU), that comprises of foundation course of management studies, mountaineering and tourism courses, elective and project work culminating in thesis writing. The program tries to develop core competencies, subject-specific, interdisciplinary and methodological competencies that comprise practical and applied competencies (phronesis and praxis).

It includes the subjects like Geography of Nepal Himalaya, Himalayan Heritage, Himalayan Climate and Climate Change, Himalayan Geology and Mountaineering: Fundamentals of Climbing and Mountaineering Planning. Likewise, there are also other managerial courses like Principles of Management, Fundamentals of Financial Management and Human Resource Management. Apart from this, the course also has the practical part, where the students actually go in the field for rock climbing, trekking and finally for the mountain climbing.

Application requirement

The interested students willing to study BMS need to pass the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) and must have at least 45 percent aggregate marks in +2 from any college that is recognized by the TU. Beside this, since the degree includes field trips and high altitude climbing, a sound mental and physical strength is also essential.

Career scope

Aaditi Khanal, the Academic Coordinator at NMA, shared,” Nepal is full of opportunities but there are very few capable people to grasp it. There is a misconception that mountaineering study means only climbing the mountains which are totally wrong. Mountaineering field requires many people with different skills related to sports, management, and exploration respectively. With this study, one can be a trekking guide, a tour manager or even an entrepreneur starting his own mountain based business and creating further job opportunities. Graduates can systematically sell the goods and services of the mountain region on the large scale. Females have greater opportunity because there aren’t enough females participating in this sector.”

Currently, the graduates of BMS are fully employed and few got their jobs even before the completion of course. The degree also provides valid recognition to Nepali mountaineers in the international market.

Social Status

Still, Nepalese society being dominated by Engineers and Doctors as a prime career, Ms. Khanal mentioned, ”There is the conventional thinking residing among the Nepalese families. Many of them are worried about the career in this sector; whether their children can have a secured future with financial stability or not. But I want to emphasize that students will earn more sound salaries and fame in this field. Many international opportunities will knock on their door gradually. It will also help them to groom their personality and encourage them to take risks. They will be contributing to the national development.” On the other hand, since this scope is new and price-convenient, families especially from the modern society, are supporting this adventurous course.

By: Ruby Shah