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Self Defense Program kicked off at Dhangadi


Kathmandu, December 23, 2018: 5 days self-defense training has started for 45 teenagers at Dhangadi to support them physically, mentally and psychologically to raise and fight against violence.

The training is going to be operated by Girl’s Kick, where the instructor Niraj Neupane, President of Girl’s Kick said, “Self-defense is all about making girls self- dependent, determined, self-esteemed, and aware about human rights and justice through identifying own self, family situation and knowledge about laws and policies”.

Integrated teenagers are empowered by the Backward Society Education (BASE) with the help of the STEAM Project, Mercy Corps. This program is being held on 30 areas of Dhangadhi. Pabitra Chaudhary, Senior Program Officer said, “The main goal of this program is to access the education for girls and to make them self-dependent”.

After self-defense training, participants will conduct training in their school and community under the instructor, and the trainer Pawan Budhathoki. He shared that the training is aimed to raise the voice against violence and defend.