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Seven Fashion flagship cities


07 August, 2015: If you’re one calling yourself a fashionista then the lookout for a stylish city spot to visit are here. We’ve picked some elegant and sophisticated places for you to stop off in; the top seven stylish destinations.

These are the fashion capitals in the world, with plenty of culture to see and plenty of street style to be envious of.

There are so many different hot spots when it comes to stylish, trendy and chic, so we’ve come up with the top seven destinations when it comes to all things fashion.

New York

New York is a city that is constantly raising up for its fashion identity.


New York; birthplace to all the brands, fashion magazines and labels that we recognize so well is found at New York. With no doubt New York is king when it comes to the fashion world.


Paris – the city that Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton call home. No wonder when it comes to fashionable cities Paris is undoubtedly at the top spot.


For Paris, history is on its side. Some of the most memorable moments in fashion happened right here: it’s where Marie Antoinette lived and died for her love of la mode, where Coco Chanel invented the iconic Little Black Dress, and where designers both new and old continue to innovate the fashion world.

Filled with style and elegance, this city is effortlessly chic and famous fashion brands on almost every street corner.


Tokyo is home to plenty of bizarre fashion subcultures if you’re after something a little more unusual.

When most of us think of fashion capitals, we think of New York, Paris and London. They’re the most widely shown, and frankly, they are often the most incorporated and inspired. Tokyo is one of the largest and most influential fashion capitals of the world.


With companies like MIKIMOTO, the most renown pear maker in the world, Tokyo and its fashion are very strong. The street fashion speaks for itself.


Historically a fashion centric city Milan is home to plenty of luxury Italian fashion houses.

This city lives in the shadow of the monumental Rome, Florence or Venice; full of pleasant surprises. The city breathes fashion, design, style and luxury.


With one of the world’s most famous fashion districts – Quadrilatero della Moda – it is no wonder that this is the city that plays host of Prada, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana.


Home to a modern mixing pot of culture it is no wonder that London has a diverse and impressive fashion scene.

Oxford Street is filled with 300 shops – most of which are stores for British retailers. Home for Gucci, Armani and Jimmy Choo is just a short way journey to the street.

london image

When it comes to famous designers London has its fair share, with Alexander McQueen designing the most viewed and copied dress in history, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.


Famous for its glamour and excess, luxury and Dubai are almost synonymous. Never to be outdone, the city is home to the world’s largest shopping centre, Mall of the Emirates, which is so big that it has its own ski resort.



Italy itself has become an indicator of style. Rome shows sophistication, which derives from its historic artistic and creative style dating back centuries.


Rome is the world’s 4th most important centre for fashion in the world, after Milan, New York and Paris, and London. Major luxury fashion houses and jewelry chains, such as Valentino, Bulgari, Fendi, Laura Biagiotti, Gattinoni and Brioni, just to name a few, are headquartered or were founded in the city.


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