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Shortage Of Text Book At Bajura Schools


Bajura, April 22, 2015: The Bajura schools are facing the shortage of text book regarding different grades though the student enrollment campaign has been launched by the District Education Office.

The Janak Educational Materials Centre (JEMC), stated that it has only supplied 50,000 sets of textbooks of Grade Six to Grade 10 to its depot located at the district headquarters as against the required 100,000 sets. JEMC is the government body responsible for printing and supplying the school textbooks and it has not been able to supply textbooks to all the schools in the district.

The commission offered by the center is not enough to meet transportation cost that is why the textbooks are being unable to be delivered to the schools, said the local dealers hired by JEMC for transporting the books to the different schools throughout the district.

Although the new school session has already started 11 VDC’s in the remote north-east and southern part of the district are without textbooks.


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