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SLC candidates boycott exam in Jumla for being ‘too strict’

Jumla, April 7, 2016: School Leaving Certificate (SLC) candidates from Jumla district walked out of the examination hall midway saying that the centres were ‘too strict’.

The students left the exam hall after the exam was conducted in a more managed, peaceful and strict manner compared to previous years. The examination centres used to see a lot of parents outside the examination hall aiding in cheating but this year the centres are quiet.

Anamnagar-based Karnali Secondary School, under the open school examination centre had 194 students on the first day of this year’s SLC exam. However, a large number of students have left the exam since then.

Karnali Secondary School centre Chief Samrita Budha said that 65 students under the exempted and regular category have left the exam.

A total of 129 examinees have been registered to appear in exam at the centre. Chief District Officer Rudraprasad Pandit said that 10 people posing as students have been asked to present necessary documents. Most of the students arrive from out of the district for open centre exams.

13 centres have been conducting this year’s SLC examination in Jumla. CDO Pandit said that strict measures have been taken in order to conduct the examinations without any improper activities.