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South American Business Forum- SABF 2020 in Argentina


The South American Business Forum is a 3-day conference that takes place on the 30th, 31st of July and 1st of August in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They bring together 100 students from around the world, from different careers, cultures, and ideas alongside 40 leaders and speakers from the most varied professional fields, to share talks and activities.

The SABF organizing team is made up entirely of students from the different careers of the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA) who dedicate their time voluntarily for the realization of the conference. The team is divided into five departments: Student Relations, Fundraising, Speakers, Media & Communication, Information Technology; each one fundamental to achieve a conference of excellence.

Location: Argentina


  • The result of this conference is a space where future young leaders get to listen to the opinions of experts, enhance their learning capacities, interact with other cultures, forge long-lasting friendships and embark themselves in high-impact projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the world.
  • The event is free and partially funded
  • They offer food, hotel, transportation in Buenos Aires.
  • However, the tickets from the country of origin to Buenos Aires the selected participants must pay.


  • Being born after January 1st, 1994.
  • Be a regular undergraduate or graduate student, or have graduated in 2019 or 2020.
  • Formal requirements:
    • Extension: between 1000 and 1800 words.
    • Language: Spanish or English

Eligible Region: Open for all.

Application Deadline: April 11, 2020

Official Link: https://www.sabf.org.ar/?utm_source=sr2020&utm_medium=youthopp&utm_campaign=sabf2020web