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Spelling Contest on World Children’s Day


Kathmandu, November 21, 2018: On the occasion of World Children’s Day celebrated by UN on 20th November every year, Spelling Contest was organized at Pragati Shiksha Sadan,Kupondol, Lalitpur.  The contest was organized as a part of their extra-curricular activity as well as for some help in their regular studies. The program was conducted jointly by Rotaract Club of Patan with Interact Club of Patan Pragati School and Interact Club of Shree Balkumari School.

The President of Rotaract Club of Patan, Rtr. Peshal Bhattarai formally started the program. He acknowledged the presence of Interactors, Teachers and other students. He also appreciated the volunteerism of Interact Club of Patan Pragati School and he motivated them to continue this
spirit in future as well. Total of 18 students divided into 6 groups (3 from each school) participated in the contest. The contest was basically divided into 4 rounds. First round was individual round where every student had to participate. In the second round, the participants were allowed to discuss answers in their respective groups. In the third round, they were given 3 jumbled words each which they had to solve within a minute. In the final round, each group was asked a question and it was carried over to another group in case of an incorrect answer. An extra rapid fire round was added for a tie- breaker in the end.

The first position was secured by group Red from Shree Balkumari School, Sunakothi and Group Green from Pragati Shiksha Sadan secured the second position. The prize distribution was done by Interact coordinator of Interact Club of Patan Pragati, Mr. Bishwa Raj Sharma. At the end of
the program, Mr. Bishwa Raj Sharma said that this program was a very fruitful one and it helped students in improving their vocabulary too. He appreciated the idea of Rotaract Club of Patan and looks forward to collaborating in other events in future as well. The whole program was coordinated by International Service Director of Rotaract Club of Patan, Rtr. Kritika Sharma.