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The cool air thrown by the fan spinning inside the room controlled the heat entering from outside, the humidity is well maintained inside the room.
With the air wandering all over the room, Kate was lying in bed, reading a book lost in the words of the writer imagining the scenarios created inside the book. Those little fair hands had creativity attached to it too but she just didn’t know about it then.
“The Stephen and Orphanage” had provided shelter to more than fifty orphans there, they provided food, clothes, shelter along with quality education. The friendly environment along with the children coming from the sad background made them easy to handle them. They help them stay there, learn till the age of twenty one and then they let them go live their lives.
Kate was one of them, her sad story was somewhere inside her heart shared to one of the owner of the orphanage but the whole building knows about it by now. She was four when she lost her parents in a car accident, where her left leg was injured badly that the doctors had to amputate it. The pitiful incident changed her life right away.
The God could be harsh sometimes but it may be doing good in some other way. Kate was then brought up by the orphanage. Other kids were normal but orphan but she was there without a leg but with a big heart, but hearts don’t matter in this century, do they?
She was almost ignored by every child there, maybe because she was different and her best friend there was isolation and the old second hand books there in the small library. The maid, Rose, would also come to her room, chit chat a little, so she also was included in the limited characters that was in her life. The other orphans would tease her of her disability maybe their immature minds was making them do that, and they will understand when they grow up.
Kate would sometimes go out in the playground and see others giggling and playing with each other, and she would feel like she has no one in her life, the sadness inside would result in tears that were invisible to others. Her empty life would search for a hand to hold to get out of her loneliness, but the hands there were busy with peoples in their lives.
The young age of twelve was going through these pains, and she would always limit herself in her small room with the books. Kate was not that good in studies there, but she would pass eventually. The orphanage had a school inside authorized by the government there. The school would not take anyone from outside the orphanage as students.
Kate used to work as the cashier in a supermarket after she turned eighteen and earned some money to sort out her life. She had to get distracted from the loneliness that she was gifted with in the orphanage and the work that didn’t pay her much was the only thing that could help her out.
The savings increased eventually along with her age and in three years she got promoted in a higher level as well as the earnings increased accordingly.
Kate was growing day by day, the naïve little girl had now attained the maturity of twenty one. She had to leave now to set out for her life, on a new journey to begin her real life; she had already completed her high school education there and from the college the orphanage is affiliated with but now it was time for her to set foot on university.
Her savings could afford a small room nearby the orphanage, as the loneliness and some books; the money was to be spent in these things only. Her dreams were big like the sky and the dreams had to come true one day if you go for it.
The books and the writers she interfered through her imagination took her away to their world of creativity; she knew she had something innovative inside her but she was too shy to express it in words.
She finally could join the university with her savings and the literature was the dream that she always wanted to follow. The orphanage never let her know the meaning of friendship but the university introduced her to a boy named Lance in the third day after joining the university.
Lance was not so popular guy in university but he had a great way to attract people and endure them into his life. Lance was in a relationship with his childhood friend since three years and very much serious about it.
Those eyes were searching for a friend when someone had finally entered Kate’s life. The little annoying moments and the irritation made his ignorance rule over his daily chat. The annoying behavior somehow was another way to care, he found out eventually and when he did he could not stop himself from getting closer and closer. The strange relation started with a fake smile and a strange conversation, but what are we supposed to do when some signs are making us meet at some point to eventually enter each other’s lives.

Kate happened to give life to some feelings inside her broken heart for him but his life was dedicated to someone else. The waste of the feelings as the heart knew but it never stops believing, as it always wants to become the reason for his smile and the mind can’t stop thinking about him. The bitter truth had to be lived and the pain had to be felt but it’s never over until it’s actually over, is it?

Life may come with twists and turns as she just had to figure out the right path and the way to win his heart and make him believe that she is the right choice for his life. She is the one for him so she just had to wait for it for the time to change on her behalf and the heart to meet the horizon right where it belongs.
Kate couldn’t run after a boy if it wasn’t meant to be as her dreams were to reach somewhere else, she would write but she never would share as she was too shy even to show it to her best friend, Lance. But Lance could control Kate with his charm and eventually compelled Kate to show some of her art.
Lance was really surprised and happy with her creativity as it was like the best writers could ever write according to him. The bitter life of orphanage was bid good bye by Kate in order to follow her dreams. People don’t need company when she has something to hold on to live her life, and that was the dream for her.
One fine morning, Kate was reading an article on a newspaper where she found something similar as her writing, the same post she had written some weeks back and there was her name written under that article. She had shown that post to Lance, the shocked face with some rage and happiness dialed his number immediately.
Lance didn’t pick up the phone though she gave a full ring twice and there was a knock at her door when she was about to call him for the third time. She put her phone down and went to open the door and there was Lance with a newspaper in his hand.
“Kate Frost, Good Morning!” Lance entered with a big wide smile on his face.
“Did you read this part of today’s newspaper, pointing the same article with his index finger?” Lance still with the smile on his face.
“You did that?” Happy fury in her voice and she didn’t know if she should thank him or burst into anger.
“Do I need to say “SURPRISE” or you will find out yourself that your article has been published in one of the daily newspaper? “ Lance still had the smile.
She burst out in tears, as she couldn’t be angry with him for this thing, so she hugged him crying the tears of joy. Kate then got calls from her orphanage owner, and congratulated her for the talent she had which had been seen by the whole nation.
Lance then added, “They also wanted you to write for them every week and they will pay you for that.”
Kate was really happy hearing those words and she couldn’t let go of him as she totally forgot that she was hugging him tightly then.
The children who ignored her who were still living in the orphanage envied her and regretted for ignoring her in their lives. Kate had a new start to her life, and finally she knew what happiness really was.
After working for three months for that famous newspaper, a famous writer called her and offered her to become his apprentice, so that they could help each other both ways. She couldn’t deny it, and that was in the same city so she gladly accepted the offer.
Lance was really happy to hear about it, and he congratulated her. By then, Lance had also started working in a media network where the success was kissing him wildly. His parents were really proud of him. He also was going to get married in two years with his first love.
Kate had her life sorted out now and the book she was working on as an apprentice was being examined, checked and edited by the famous writer; he was very much impressed with the little brain inside her head and the imagination that could make the book the best seller.
Kate needed a friend in her life, she found that in Lance. She had to follow her dreams from the childhood, she did that with all her heart and the friendship helped her to succeed in her dreams. Life is too short to waste your creativity.
Someday maybe Kate will get married to someone who will accept all her flaws; the lost leg would not create a difference in that someone’s life. She was sad that Lance couldn’t be her soul mate, but she was happy that he was the friend she always looked for. Life is full of compromises and she had to compromise by not expressing her feelings towards him.
The lost leg didn’t took away some of her creativity with it, she was normal but better than most of the people alive in this world. The children who ignored her from entering their lives never could understand her importance.
People may have many flaws but how Kate utilized her strength with the flaws was an example about how people should live their lives. Kate had a very long life, but having a long life is nothing when you can’t make that a good life.
It was not over yet, as Kate had to find out many more things in her life, the different phases, but the main thing she always did was stood up for herself, you don’t need legs to stand up in your life, but dreams and your heart to make it come true no matter what it takes to live your life.

Kate is an example to all the people who thinks that they are not good at anything, as nobody’s perfect. Stand Up, Live a good life, It doesn’t matter you live long or not, just make it worth living!

Written by :Pratik Ghimire
for more of his writings you also can visit :Uppsanddowns007.blogspot.com


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