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The Story Tellers Educators Series

The Story Tellers Educators Series

Kathmandu, Feb 18,2015: The story tellers educators series was organized in Russian culture of science and culture in Kamalpokhari Kathmandu in the presence of three inspirational speakers : Mr Sakar Pudasini, founder of Karkhana organization, Mr. Manjil Rana founder of Maya Universe Academy and Mr. Binod Shahi, founder of Snow Yak Foundation who shared their stories of passion, persistence and vision to promote education in various parts of the country. Special guest, Anil Kesari Shah, personalities from different corporate houses, CEOs, graduates students and more than 100 people attended the series.

10857393_759721577456701_4565452009362613205_oThe event was formally started with the video of audience opionions on how their life has changed after listening the story of different successful people. First speaker Mr Sakar Pudasini began his story clarifying the actual meaning of education with a demonstration on sugar and water giving out the message that they design learning pattern. He shared four main skills they provide to their students i.e Innovation, making stuffs, being creative and thinking about thinking. He also shared story of karkhana on how dedication , hardwork and keen focused on the problem helped them to gain attention of the people.

Second speaker Mr. Manjill Rana shared an inspirational and motivating story on how Maya Universe Academy was formed. After graduating from United World College and Davis Scholar he travelled to Nepal  and did researched on Public Education system  of Nepal. Thus after knowing that many village children are deprived from education he initiated “Tent School” in Tanahu and has being providing free education to child and involving their parents in productive business of making Bracelet, Animal husbandry lemon planting etc through which they are earning money as well. Later they formed Maya circle which was joined by volunteers from all over the world to share their knowledge and practical education to children and had also built a huge networking.

Founder of Snow Yak Foundation Mr Binod Shahi also renowned as “SIR OF THE HIMALAYAN” who shared the story on how he initiated education in Dolpa in spite of facing various obstacles and hardship his determination and continuous insistence made possible to open  a solely Nepali Funded School building in Dolpa.  His main message was that we are resourceful so we shouldn’t be dependent.

“I really enjoyed after hearing inspiring and motivational story of three founders”, said Anil Kesari Shah, CEO of Mega Bank.

The program was concluded after thanking to all institutions, volunteers, supporters ,guests etc along with an explanation of existing differences on the  motives of people working for the Cause and for an Applause. Direct interactions among speakers,  guests, graduates, and other personnel took place during high tea  which became a medium to develop a network and socialization.  Everyone  who listened the true story of the speakers gave the positive feedback about the event.

By: Sangita Tiwari 
Photo By: Sangeet Poudel


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