Students bar operation of govt vehicles

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pricehikeKATHMANDU, MAR 18 – The student organisations protesting the petro price hike have prevented the government vehicles from operating on roads in front of the campuses for the second consecutive day on Tuesday.

Government vehicles have not been allowed to ply in front of the campuses from 9 am today as a part of the programmes of protests fixed by the student organisations before this, spokesman of the Nepal Students Union (NSU) UP Lamichhane said.

Talks between the government talks team and the student organisations held at the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies on Monday regarding the price hike and the ongoing student movement against the petroleum price hike ended inconclusively.

Meanwhile, the government talks team and the student organisations are holding talks today also in that connection. RSS

Posted on: 2014-03-18 01:20



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