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Students from Cancun joined global Climate Strike


Cancun, November 27, 2015: Children and Youth from Cancun​joined the campaign that will mobilize 1 million students around the world globally.

Students from different schools joined the Global Climate Strike, which is calling 1 million students globally to strike for the climate and a brighter future on the 30th of November, the day the UN Climate Summit (COP21) starts in Paris, France.

Climate Strike is an initiative created by a group of children and young people from all around the world. They came together at the Youth Summit 2015 in Tutzing, Germany, and decided to take action against global warming after the adult generation’s lack of action in climate concerns. Since the leaders and heads of governments have promised for years they will stop the climate crisis, but skipped their homework in guaranteeing the youngest generations’ survival, the youth had no other choice but to take this responsibility on their own shoulders.

Thus they are inviting students from around the world to ​skip school on November 30, 2015​as part of a global protest and to take action in positive, creative ways to raise climate awareness. The Climate Strike wants to empower children and youth of the world to raise their voices and be heard by COP21 attendants about their 3 specific demands: ­

  • Leave the fossil fuels in the ground. ­
  • Transition to 100% clean energy. ­
  • Help climate refugees.

Cancun is a 47 year old city in Mexico, and one of the most popular destinations for tourism in the world, but since it’s beginning their natural resources have been completely devastated and their development has been anything but sustainable or balanced. That’s why students from different schools and NGO’s from are organizing events all over the city to celebrate Climate Strike.

Students from TecMilenio University are organizing a big Flashmob recreating a “Real Climate Crisis” they will cut the water, light and internet, during class time to create Climate Change awareness plus they are planting 200 trees in their school! Students from Ecab College is organizing a whole day Ecological Rally, which is going to get the entire school involved. They are also planting trees and giving away trees for each student participating. Other group from an NGO called “Salvemos el Mangle de Tajamar” (Let’s save Tajamar Mangrove), will create a human bareer around Cancun’s Tajamar Mangrove, since it’s been illegally devastated for the last year 6 years.

This groups are also going to record themselves to thank Fossil Fuels resistance around the world as a solidaire gesture for them. The Climate Strike is already active in countries like India, Nepal, the Philippines, Germany, Azerbaijan, Malawi, Hong Kong and Mexico. And there are already plenty events organized around the world.

The Climate Strike is inviting organizations, students, principals or anyone who wants to join the Climate Strike, to visit their website, and look for actions already organized in Cancun or to register their own action at www.climatestrike.net More information: Paulina Sanchez Espinosa Media and Press Coordinator, Climate Strike media@climatestrike.net


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