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Glocal Teen Hero 2016

With a vision to bring the positive sides of youths in the media, we started Glocal Khabar as a voluntarily established News portal in English Language. We started finding what the youths of Nepal are doing which is creating opportunity, development and encouragement in the society. 20 volunteers working in a small room with all the discomfort of smell, water from the ceiling and without any return. It has been a slow growth of Glocal Khabar in comparison to other news portals, maybe because we are in niche. It was 2014, August 1st when we launched GlocalKhabar.com. Since then we have been trying to bring out about the positive aspects of working and being in Nepal and also what potentials the youths worldwide have. And it’s been a great journey. As we are celebrating International Youth Day, it is relevant that we talk about what can be done to bring out encouragement, positivity and optimism in the youth.

Sustainability came into action, and Glocal Khabar had a need of expanding and turning into a better news portal. We had to do something which can create resources to grow our brainchild, but it must be matched with our objective to uplift the youth. And Glocal Pvt. Ltd. comes into existence in 2015. We started our Extra Curricular Consultation in various colleges in Kathmandu and today abroad as well. The need of exposure, practical aspects and growth is never ending in youth today, so we came up with a plan to work with colleges on designing and implementing their Extra Curricular activities for the students, and this became our core project.

Here, most of Glocal buddies were to leave our teenage and we wanted to salute the years of our teenage. So, we initiated a project called Glocal Teen Hero, where we planned to appreciate and recognize the early youths, The Teenagers who are doing amazing things for the community development and prosperity. This is a yearly programme we do and have completed two batches of Glocal Teen Hero. It gives us immense satisfaction that we are able to recognize the teenagers along with motivating other youths to do more and create value.

Yes, today writing this article on the celebration of International Youth Day gives me pleasure going back to my childhood of being an introvert, shy person to have come along with my awesome team this far where we are trying to create small changes with a total of 5 full time team members and 4 interns and gradually growing ourselves, the Company- Glocal and the somehow the community.

It has only been possible with the support of all our readers, clients, youths, and stakeholders.

Happy International Youth Day!


Asish Thakur,

Executive Director

Glocal Khabar