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Udhyami Ma: Empowering the Nation



Kathmandu, March 12, 2019: On the occasion of Women’s day, Udhyami Ma had organized a free training on beauty parlour to marginalized and underprivileged single women living with financial constraint.

Udhyami Ma is designed under SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic growth, 10 reduced inequalities and 4 Quality Education. Udhyami Ma which replicates for empowerment that represents the development of social skill and emerging youth of Nepal.

Skilled Manpower is still less in number due to which people are obliged to work in less wage and limited resources. Our working principle is to provide access to information, training and resources to an underprivileged and marginalized group of people.

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal which is expected to provide opportunities to people to uplift their lifestyle in terms of education and work. Hence, it is sad to experience that many people are left behind due to cast, creed, colour and gender. Although it is no surprise to see millions of people migrating to a foreign land to seek opportunities. Udhyami Ma believes in understanding the loopholes and provide adequate training and resources to empower the youth.

Hence empowering the nation which supports in the economic situation of the country. Udhyami Ma is going to conduct beauty Parlor training program for 10 single women of age group 20-35 who are marginalized and underprivileged seeking for employment opportunities. Udhyami Ma seeks to provide the training with necessary resources without any financial constraint for the trainee. The project will hire two professional trainer, guest lecture and an assistant and 2 volunteers for the purpose. The training will be focusing on Level I (basic) training following the syllabus of CTEVT. Once the training gets over, all the trainee will sit on examination of CTEVT following the certificate procedure.

The project is designed under II phases.

Under phase I, Foundation of Nepali Society will conduct the training program for the 10 marginalized single women for 3 months. The training will be scheduled for 6 days a week 1.5 hours a day. The trainer will prepare an appropriate syllabus under CTEVT and provide the training. Foundation of Nepali Society is responsible to provide the necessary materials and resources for the trainee required for the entire training. FONS will also provide the materials and resources to each trainee and help them to start their own business.

In phase II all the trainee will get prepared to sit on the examination designed by CTEVT. Right after the examination, they will be certified as a Beautician which will help them in starting their own entrepreneurship.

As per the target of the project, they have targeted 10 single women. Women those who are interested can easily apply for the program.