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Uncovering Opportunities: Mondays with Young Entrepreneurs II Held


10859812_10152873538799437_675650517_nKathmandu, Dec 8 ,2014: Institution For Suitable Action For Prosperity had organized the event,  Uncovering Opportunities: Mondays with young Entrepreneurs in FNCCI today. The video of successful stories of three young Entrepreneurs were shown with interaction program. The program started by 3:15 sharp. Question and answer round session was followed by a short video story of entrepreneurs:Rekha Sunwar, a Dhaka entrepreneur, Mala Thapa Magar of Himalyan Allo and co-founders of Praramva BioTech.

RekhaSunuar, the SLC graduate women had shown courage to do something in the field of business to make her own identity in the society. Living in the patriarchal Nepalese society where husbands holds the higher position and decision making authority, but what RekhaSunar has managed to accomplish is commendable and appreciable. Despite her husband forbidding her to take dhaka weaving lessons and later, even threatened to divorce her if she dared to continue Rekha persevered. She established her enterprise with Rs 3,500 which she had accumulated in previous Dashain. Now she saves up Rs. 15,000 and has even managed to purchase land in Kathmandu but her biggest victory in her life is that the same person who threatened to leave her because of Dhaka, her husband, is willing to invest in her business. At present she was able to give employment opportunities to 10 people and earns around 15-20 thousand monthly.

Another young entrepreneur is Mala Thapa Magar, the owner of Himalayan AlloUdyog. Allo(nettle-fiber) industry based in Budanilkantha, Kathmandu. Her industry, which processes allo brought from Bajhang, Bajura and Dang,etc. at present she has hiered more than a dozen people.Her finished product fabrics and threads are demanded by both domestic and international buyers. A humanities graduate, Mala, did not resort to opportunities abroad like most of her friends. Instead she invested about Rs. 100,000 and started an enterprise that would go on to be worth more than five million rupees in three years.She is one of the motivational factor for all the youth who says that there are no opportunities in Nepal. Her future plan is to further commercialize Allo business both in national and international level.

Likewise, the next video was of Praramva Biotech which was initiated by four Bio Tech Engineering Kathmandu University graduates. When they were searching their alternative career paths, they found Vermicompost feasible and started with the plant tissue and cutflower. They had focused mainly on the wide scopes in agriculture sector., we came across who were choosing which sector in Nepal they should try their luck in. They explored various opportunities and finally settled on manufacturing vermicompost for organic farming. Hence began the journey with Manish, Baidhyanath, Ashok and Prabesh with their new venture PrarambhaBioTechPvt Ltd. They started by producing 300 kgs and now produce over 40 tonnes per cycle. They are playing a vital role in garbage utilization in the form of compost manure. They are supplying their product in 2 kg and 25kg packets..they told that Vu-Doc is the soil doctor .so they r further extending and diversifying their business through market survey and explorations. They took the risk and proved that the notion that there are no opportunities in Nepal is not accurate.

By:Sangita Tiwari
Photo: Sangeet Poudel


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