“We Respect Professions” Banged With Loud Applause

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Kathmandu, Dec 8, 2014: “We Respect Professions” is a movement under Sage Nepal to bring about structural change in peoples mindset regarding the concept of profession. The participants banged with musical flashmob to express on “We respect Professions” at Basantapur today.

Flashmob was rehearsed and prepared by youths under 4 day volunteering at Global Platform Nepal along with the participants of Global Citizenship course, 2014.

Global Platform Nepal is ActionAid’s training hub for empowerment and activism .It provides innovative training and capacity development for organisations, youth groups and young individuals who wish to take positive action in their societies.

The flashmod appeared 4 times all around Basantapur, near Himalayan Java, in front of Kumari Ghar, near temples and at Thamel indeed. The basic idea was to pick anyone from the massive crowd and sing a song by individual singer who got accompanied with many other participants afterwards and ended with great celebrations. The participants displayed placards about professional equality as well and made the event get grand success. The videos were made to which would soon be displayed on social media for more awareness. Youths once again evoked that “They are awesome!”


By:Sufiya Hayad Khan



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