Increasing Cold Makes Life Harsh For Deprived Dalits

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Gaighat, Dec 9: People from the disadvantaged Dalit community including the Mushahar and Dom castes at Ward No. 3 and 6 of Triyuga Municipality in Udayapur district are compelled to spent nights sitting around bonfires to beat the biting cold.

Mercury has been continuously dipping in the Tarai plains including in Udayapur districts since mid-November.
People from the poor communities who cannot afford to buy warm clothes and beddings have been at the receiving end of the increasing cold, it is said.
As we do not have warm bedding and clothes, we burn bonfires and keep ourselves warm during the night, shared Muna Ram, a woman from the Dalit community.
Most of the people of the Dalit community are landless, economically poor and live in shanties. They eke out their living by working in farms for others or selling firewood which they collect from the forest.




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