Weather change affects life countrywide

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Weather change affects life countrywide

Kathmandu,16 Dec 2014: The change in weather since Saturday has affected normal life throughout the country including in the Kathmandu Valley.

Most places in the mountainous region recived snowfall and the hilly areas rainfall, the Weather Forecasting Division stated.

The weather change is due to the influence of the Westerly wind and the change in the weather system over the Arabian Sea, it is stated. Meteorologists say the rainfall and snowfall has resulted in the temperature dip, bringing in chilly weather.

According to meteorologist Shanti Kandel, although light rainfall will take place in some places in the western part and the Kathmandu Valley today, there will be sunshine towards the afternoon. However, the cold will not lessen despite the sunshine, she added. The Division predicts cold to further intensify from tomorrow.

The weather is expected to improve towards the afternoon as the low pressure system over Uttar Pradesh of India and the Westerly are weakening, Kandel added.

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